Cable-Level Switch TUBA 1

Cable Level Switch was designed to measure of liquid level of the tanks and is size will pass in the small hole like 1''.When liquid level reaches to float it provide the positional change of the mechanical switches by its angle change +/- 20º. Where connection to system gives signal or close signal of system.

Easy to install and easy to use
Level measurement up to 55 meter in well
Ecological level switch (does not contain lead and mercury)

Using Areas
In Clean liquids, Rain waters, Little aggressive liquids (oil, fuel, dye...) level measurement
In pump operation is used for many applications.
Unloading and filling function;
In the overflow and dry-run function
In high and low level alarms

Technical Properties

Switching Angle: +/-20 º
Maximum Pressure: 5,5 Bar
Can be worked liquid densities: between 0,75 – 1,5
Withstand Maximum Current: 12 A Resiztif – 6 Amper Inductive

RST tuba-1

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