Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter ; diaphragm is found at mechanic connection point.Applied pressure to the diaphragm converts into electrical signal and measure to pressure amount.Due to teir diaphragm are used in many areas such as waste water, dirty water, dense liquid, and air pressure systems that contain dust and so on.

Technical Properties

Brand/Model : Mesens / MPS 530
Measured Range : 100mBAR .......400BAR
Precision : 0,5%
Wet Parts : 316 Stainless Steel
Temperature Range: -40....+125° C
Electrically Output: 4-20mA 2 Wired, 0,5 volt, 0 – 10 volt
Electrical Connection : Socket DIN 43650A (you ask for others)
Protection Class : IP65, (IP 67 Optional)
Mechanical Connections : ½" , ¾", 1" G / NPT Flush Diaphragm
Sensor Technology : Piezoresistive Silicon


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