Differential Pressure Transmitter

MPS 550 series differential pressure transmitter was designed to measure and control of differential pressure of liquid and gases.Differential Pressure sensor provides high performance and stability at high temperature like 125°C.It can be used in a very aggressive liquids because of stainless steel to wet parts.Differential pressure transmitter can be used at filter pollutions, level measurement of pressure tanks, leakage tests of lines, line pollutions and many different process.

Technical Properties

Brand / Model : Mesens / MPS 550
Sensor Technology : Piezoresistive Silicon
Diaphragm Material : AISI316L
Body Material : AISI304
Electrical Connection : DIN43650A
Mechanical Connection : G 1/2"
Withstand Pressure: 2xMax.Measurement
Temperature : -40°C...125°C
Precision: %0,5
Protection Class : IP65
Output: 4-20 mA, 2wired
Supply : 10...32VDC
Zero-Max. Adjustment : Available

RST mps-550

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