RST Electronic Measurement Control and Automation Systems

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Since its inception RST Electronic, we offer the best quality products best affordable prices to our customers by giving engineering services in measurementi control and automation issues Flow-Fluid, Level, Pressure, Humidity-Temperature, Analytical (PH, Conductivity, Redox, Chlorine, Blur), by agreement with abroad and domestic best manufacturer company.

Our relationship with customer similar to patient-doctor relationship.Thus, our customer specify their needs, processes, the values they want to measure and to control.Our engineering offers the most appropriate solution will provide products with a doctor precision.Choosing the wrong product, while causing the loss of money and time to customer, destroys the confidence in our company.This is a fatal flaw in our eyes is, and compensation is not possible.

Transmitter was designed products to give direction to the changes that occur in a process.The resulting changes are transferred electronic media through transmitters.Transmitter selection is important according to the truth and accuracy.Transmitters that vary according to many cases such as measurement table, signal output, sensor and external environmental shows changes according to the area to be used.The quality of these devices, nature of the work, and will be proportional to the expectations.For fifteen years, our company provides services in this sector has developed its references as help to make qualified jobs in the field of many companies thanks to offer its valued customers quality products and services understanding.Priority is customer satisfaction in the forefront.Serving and product allocating our company provides the necessary conditions to reduce the margin of error to a minimum and to reveal qualified jobs at measurement control devices like humidity-temperature transmitter.

Our company that offer measurement control instruments and automation services, since its inception, follow technological developments and research and development works in their sector, right product combines with affordable price, and using understanding adopted in right spot.Our employees integrate their accumulated knowledge into they make project.

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