DAT 2015 IS Ex-Proof Signal Inverter

Dat 2015 IS Ex- Proof Signal Transducer works at industial systems and heavy conditions and are a signal convert products that thermocuople, RTD, mV, resistance, potantiometer signals convert into 4-20mA. Input signal choose and signal range can be adjustabled from computer.

Technical Properties

Product Code: DAT 2015 IS (Made in Italya)
Zone 0
Protection Mod:
II 1 G Ex ia IIC certified with Directive 94/9/CE ATEX
Input Signal: K Type Thermocouple, J Type Thermocouple, R Type Thermocouple, S Type Thermocouple, T Type Thermocouple. You see for values to data sheet Potentiometer, Resistance, RTD, mV, Ni100, Ni1000
Output Signal: 4-20mA,
Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 Vdc.
Withstand Temperature: Operative- 4°F +158°F - 20°C +70°C
Storage Temperature: - 40°F +185°F - 40°C +85°C.
Humidity: (none Condensing) 0-90%.
Housing: Material Self-extinguishing.
Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 4 1/2 " x 1/2", 90 x 112x x 12.5 mm.
Weight: 3 oz 90 g.
EMC.: For industrial environments.
Immunity: EN 61000-6-2.
Emission: EN 61000-6-4.
Configuration: Computer

DAT 2015 IS

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