Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Working Prenciple Specially MPS 580 Hydraustatic level transmitter was designed as dipping-type.Is made pressure by product increases as lineer when the liquid level rises.This product that dipped into the liquid measures to level sensitively depending on the rise of the liquid level.Application areas; wells, underground waters, rain water systems, drinking water systems, water treatment plants, fuel tanks, oil tanks, biogas plants, dams, lakes, pools, canalizations, rivers. It is used to measurement sea water and aggressive chemical liquids levels with PVDF-body options.

Technical Properties

Brand: Mesens
Code: MPS 580
Application Areas: Liquids
Measurement Range: Between 0…1 mt. and 0….250 mt.
Withstand Temperature: -20…….+70°C
Body Material: 316 SS Stainless Steel (PTFE Optional)
Electrical Connection: with Cable
Signal Output: 4-20mA, 0-10Volt, 0-5 Volt
Precision: % 0,5 T.S
Supply: 10….32 volt DC
Cable: PVC Standard, PUR, PE Silicon Optional
Sensor Diameter: 26,5 mm
Protection Class: IP68


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