Motor Level Switch

Motor Level Switch can be rotated in the opposite direction without difficulty. Because of this important feature does not occur gear stripping in equivalent. Product is 8 torque gradual.Thus, torque adjustment can be made. Motor type level switch is used to detect the level of dust and coarse material in each silo and container.


  • Construction Sector; lime, fine sand, dolomite, calcite, gypsum, cement, stone, coal
  • Food Sector; milk powder, flour, salt, sugar
  • Plastic Industry; plastic particles

FUNCTION Returned pallet structure at the end of the motor level switch will be prevented rotation of the pallet when the coated by particulate material.The sensor detects that the rotation of the palette will produce an electrical signal output.Torque settings of product be adjusted depending on density of the material.


Connection Terminal: PG9
Signal Delay: 1.6 sec max
Precision: Adjustable 8 steps
Rotation Speed: 8 rpm
Supply Voltage: 15..35V DC 2.7W / 95...265V AC 3.1W 50..60Hz
Signal Output: 1 enversör contact AC max. 250V, 2A,
Signal lamp: LED
Protection Class: IP68


Box: Aluminum IP 68
Sensor pallet connection: IP 67
Connection Material: Delrin® POM-C EN 10204
Connection Size: R 1½.”
Mile and pallet material: Stainless Steel SS304
Weight: 1,2 kg


Ambient temperature(Box): -20°C.. +60°C
Working Temperature ( Prob ): -5°C.. +100°C
Minimum density: 250 g/l
Maximum part measurement: 12mm
Mechanic load: 500N side mile
Maximum Mile output torque: 550gcm
Maximum Pulling force: 2kN
Maximum Operating pressure: 0.5 bar
Maximum Working vibration: 5-500Hz RMS random vibration 3G IEC-60068-2-64

RST rot320

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