Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

Working Prenciple

Side-mounted magnetic level switch are mounted to top level of more tanks.It is used to take overflow alarm or tank full information.It shows excellent performance in heavy conditions and critical points be resistant to high temperatures also be microswitch within its.Is used in ship sector, hot water boiler, treatment plants, oil tanks, dirty-clean water tanks and acid tanks.
It does not require external power supply.
Because of high temperature, pressure and electrical resistance provide excellent performance at critical point.
Used in liquids having a wide range of concentrations.

Technical Properties

Application Areas: Liquids
Mechanical Connection: 92 X 92 Square Flange
Electrical Connection: 250 Volt AC 15 Amper NA/ NK Contact
Withstand Temperature: 150°C
Wet parts: 316 SS Stainless Steel
Withstand Pressure: 25 Bar ( Max),
Connection Type: horizontal
Protection Class: IP 65