Tiny Type Float Level Switches

a. RST-LM Tiny Type Vertical Mounted Float Level Switch – Stainless Steel
Working Prenciple

Stainless Steel Level Switch magnet occurs to constant magnetic field inside float.This magnetic field when come will affect proximity to Reed switch, level switch allows to electricity passing. Magnetic switch when escape from magnetic field is interrupted electricity flow again.This liquid level float are ideal products used to supplement high level alarm or decreasing level amount at small tanks and provide excellent performance.It is preferred at many area such as fuel tanks, freezing tanks, hot water tanks and chemical tanks because of small structure, high performance and low cost.

Technical Properties

Application Areas: Liquids
Mechanical Connection: 1/8”, M10, 3/8” or 1/2"
Application Voltage Maximum: 240 Volt AC / 200 Volt DC
Withstand Current (Maximum): 0,5 A 240 Volt AC
Withstand Temperature: -20…….+150°C
Body Material: 304 SS veya 316 SS Stainless Steel
Withstand Pressure: 10 Bar ( Max), or 30 Bar (max)
Connetion Type: Vertical
Float Dimension: 28mm or 43mm or 52mm or 73mm
Electrical Connection Cable: PVC Cable
Protection Class: IP68


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