Stainless Steel Gear Type Turbine Flowmeter


Water treatment industry, textile sector, drinking water and source water production sector, liquid filling machines, water distribution, processing and manufacturing industry, filtration systems, chemical production sector, cold water monitoring, swimming pools, pomp protection

Technical Properties

Type: TDSSD.XX. XX.P.10.S.S.N.N
-20....+ 120°C
Connection Measurement: Between DN15 and DN50
Measurement Range: 0,6 – 4,5 L/min - 33 – 335 L/min
Precision: 1 %
Protection Class: IP65
Sensor Body: 304 Stainless Steel
Rotor Shaft: Tungsten Carbide
Supply Voltage: 5 – 24 Volt DC
Output Signal: Puls Push-Pull (4-20mA optional)
Mounting Position: Horizontal and Vertical (up)
Pressure: 63 Bar


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