Universal Signal Converter

UST100 Signal Transducer different analogue signals at industrial systems used converts into analogue signals that at input isolated standard used.These products have one analogue input and one analogue output.Input and output signals are configured on computer.All inputs and outputs are isolated from each other.

Technical Properties

Supply Voltage: 100-240Vac/dc: +%10- %15 24Vac/dc: +%10- %20
Power Consumption: 2W, 3VA
Analogue Input (I1): Thermocoupl :B,E,J,K,L,N,R,S,T,U
Resistance Thermometer: PT100
Current: 0/4-20mA
Voltage: 0-50mV
Analogue Input Impedances: Thermocoupl, mV:10MΩ, Resistance: 10 Ω
Analogue Output(O1): Current: 0/4-20mA (RL≤500Ω) Voltage: 0/2V-10V (RL ≥ 1MΩ )
Contact Life: Uncharged: 10.000.000 switching, 250V 3A At Resistive Charge: 100.000 switching
Memory: 100 years, 100.000 refresh
Accuracy: +/- % 0.2
Sampling Time: 400ms
Environment Temperature Working: -10...+55° C Storage: -20...+65° C
Protection Class: Body:IP20
Dimensions: Width: 25mm, High: 91mm, Depth: 113mm
Weight: 134gr


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