Vibrating Type Level Switch

Application Areas

Vibration Level Switch can be used for all kinds powder and coarse grained of materials level measurement inside all conteiner and type of silo.It also does not cause a faulty measurement because of over the product may occur sediments and layers.

Construction Sector: Lime, perlite, fine sand, dolomite, calcite, gypsum, cement
Food Sector: Milk powder, flour, salt, sugar
Plastic Sektor: Plastic particles
Timber Sector: Sawdust, glue, resin
Chemical Sector: Fuel, oil, gasoline, diesel, benzen


Vibration level switch is attached side wall of silo and conteiner.When filled to the level where the sensor material in the silo give relay output by detecting to the level.Formed vibration as the piezoelectric continues up to 85 Hz to probe. Because of covering environmental probe of granular material, vibration frequency falls lower from 85 Hz. Consisting of this difference is perceived as electronics.Accordingly, the output signal is generated.Due to vibration feature of the probe self-cleaning.

Technical Properties/Electrical Properties

Signal Delay: Maximum 1 sec
Precision: Adjustable
Vibration Frequency: 85Hz
Supply Voltage: 15..35V DC while in charged max. 3w
Signal Output: 1 pieces enversor contact AC max. 250V, 2A, 500VA resistive load
Warning Led: Output Green-led
Protection Class: IP68

Technical Properties/Mechanical Properties

Box: Aluminum
Prob: IP 68 or EN 60529
Connection Material: Stainless steel SS304
Connection Size: R 1½. “
Prob Material: Stainless steel SS304
Material Outer Surface: Electrostatic powder dye RAL6014
Weight: 1,3 kg

Technical Properties/Working Conditions

Surrounding Temperature (external ambient): -20°C.. +60°C
Working Temperature (material): -20°C.. +100°C / -20°C.. +180°C option
Minimum Power Density: 20 g/l …… 150 g/l
Maximum Portion Size: 8mm
Maximum Mechanical Load: from side 200N (over prob load)
Maximum Mechanical Tork: 200 Nm
Maximum Stress Force: 1kN
Maximum Withstand Pressure: 20 bar


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